Wet your Whistle

Watering Hole is our most substantial container bar product. Large smooth panels, coupled with corrugate details give you the industrial feel of a modified container while ensuring brand visibility and effortless cool-factor. Sporting a sizable walk-in and optional upper deck, customers can take in the view while you pour the brew.


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Key Features

  • 8' x 20' footprint
  • Walk-in cooler standard
  • Mixed material finish (flat panels with corrugate accents)
  • FRP walls
  • Three (3) awnings
  • Employee access
  • Open-air work area

Technical Features

  • Three (3) Service windows
  • Three (3) awnings
  • Upper level, counters and technology packages available
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So you're ready to start your shipping container bar? After you've decided to take the next step, give us a call at 704-333-3733 or fill out the form. Thanks for your interest in Kinetic Series! We look forward to helping you wet your whistle like never before!




Why Containers? 

Three Benefits to using containers for Breweries, Vineyards, Bars, and everything in between. 

Speed to Market

Every week a restaurant isn’t open, it is losing 2% gross profit, and typical construction takes 6-9 months. Our product gets you in front of your customers in less than half the time it takes to build stick-and-brick restaurants (typically 90 days from a signed contract), resulting in quicker and greater profit over time.



We take into consideration that there may be a need to move or change the retail, restaurant, or community space at some point (even if it is a permanent structure). Boxman’s units are built to be mobile and moved easily without sacrificing the unit’s structural integrity, finishes (internally and externally), and equipment. Rather than having to construct a new building, units can be moved from one site to another.


Tax Benefits

By utilizing Boxman Studios’ product, our clients have the opportunity to receive tax benefits. Based on IRS Publication 946, container structures are categorized as 7-year tax life property. Specifically, the code states, “Any property that foes not have a class life and has not been designated by law as being in any other class.” This means that modular units are not called out in the IRS Publication 946. Therefore, it defaults to a 7-year property, which allows you to depreciate the units over a 7-year tax life. Commercial, traditional stick-built construction in IRS Publication 4562 is classified as nonresidential real property, which has a depreciation period of 39 years.



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